Annual memberships

Membership fee is paid annually. Monthly dues may be paid monthly or in full. There is a discount for paying dues in full for the year. Annual membership includes the use of the fitness center, sauna and outdoor pool during the summer. Court fees apply for all other activities.

Membership Type Min. Down Dues per Month Dues In Full
Save $30 yrly
Family – 2 Adults and any children
Under 25 still living at home.
$520.00 $20.00/mo. $180.00
Premium – Individual with full
Access during operating hours
$280.00 $10.00/mo. $90.00
Corporate – Minimum 5 adults
Employed by the same company
$245.00 $10.00/mo. $90.00
Standard – Usage restricted to
Mon-Fri 6:30am-5:00pm
Sat & Sun 6:00pm-10:00pm
$215.00 $10.00/mo. $90.00
Junior – 16-25yrs of age
Stand-by court rates may apply
$160.00 $10.00/mo. $90.00

Lifetime Initiation Memberships

Membership fee is paid up front with the 1st month dues. Membership fee is never paid again as long as monthly dues are kept current. Monthly dues are paid for minimum of 12 consecutive months.
Included in the monthly dues are:
Stand-by Basketball Hoops, Stand-by Batting cages, Stand-by Tennis & R/B (juniors only), Fitness center, Sauna and Outdoor heated swimming pool. Fitness membership does not allow access to Tennis or Racquetball facilities, applicable membership needed. (All court activities are based on stand-by availability. Court time may not be reserved unless you intend on paying for the court time. You may call to check availability.) Under 16 must be accompanied by adult when using facilities.

Membership Type Amount Membership Type Amount
Family – 2 Adults and 1 child 16yrs
Or older and any children under 16yrs
$125.00 Fitness – Fitness Only Membership
No Access to Tennis or R/B Facilities
Premium – Individual Adult
Full Access during operating hours
$75.00 Junior – 16yrs to 25yrs
(Tennis & R/B,Basketball Hoops,Batting Cages,
Included on a stand-by basis only!)

Monthly Initiation Dues: Minimum 12 consecutive months.Credit card required for guarantee.
Family includes 2 Adults at $40.00each and 1 Junior at $30.00. Each additional child over 16 adds $15.00/mo.
Individual Fitness dues $40.00/mo.
Individual Racquetball dues $55.00/mo.
Individual Junior Dues $30.00/mo.